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Supply Of Marine Equipment

We maintain a large stock of marine spare parts and machinery to meet the needs of various shipping companies, traders, and ship repairing firms in India and abroad. We source the marine equipment and spares in bulk quantities right from the ships arriving for demolition to the world’s largest ship breaking yard in Alang, INDIA.

Our stock includes both brand-new and refurbished spare parts and machinery. We supply spares of numerous leading marine engine brands like MAN B&W, Wartsila, Sulzer, Yanmar, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Pielstick, Deuts, MaK, etc.

Moreover, against specific requirement, we can also supply Second hand marine machineries like Ref.compressors, Oil purifiers, Hydraulic Motors/pumps, Automation and Navigation systems & spare parts. We also deal in specific orders for supplying critical or discontinued machinery and parts that are usually not available with other dealers.

Servicing And Reconditioning

Our experience of over a decade in the repair and maintenance and reconditioning of machineries combined with our highly motivated work force. All the Second-hand machinery and spare parts are checked thoroughly for efficiency. And these go through the required servicing and reconditioning processes prior to being dispatched.

All Diesel Engine Overhauling follow a standard procedure of dismantling, inspection, Reconditioning & assembly of the engine as per respective manufacturer’s recommendations.

We also undertake major repairs of Crankshaft, Engine Block, Connecting Rods, Cylinder Heads, overhauling and other tasks, which are essential for the maintenance of Marine Diesel Engines and Generators.

Global Transportation

Since we have been part of this industry for over 20 years, we have built a strong logistics network with several companies, allowing us to deliver marine spares to almost every location in the world.

Delivery of spares is very time critical and essential for effective fleet management. Our strong network with logistic companies around the world, ensures timely delivery of spares to any destination /Ports worldwide after getting orders.

Spare Parts

Akasaka A31-34-37, AH25-27-28-33-36-38-40, DH 38SS-51SS, DM 28FD-30
Caterpillar 3304-6, 3406-9-12, 3508-9, D333/3412/342-3-4-6-9/353/398-9
Daihatsu 6DK-20, 6DK-32, 6DKM-20, 6DKM-28, 8DKM-28, 6DKM-32, 6DL-20, 6DL-22, 6DL-24, 6PL-24, 6DLM-20, 6DLM-22, 6DLM-24, 6DLM-26, 6DLM-28, 6DLM-32, 8DLM-32, 6DS-18, 6DSM26, 6DSM28, 6DSM-32, 8DSM-32, 6DVM-26
G.M.T. - FIAT A420.6L, A420.6S, C420.6L, C420.6SS, A750, C230.6, A230.12SS, A230.8SS, B230.12V, B230.18V, B550, B600 BL230.6, BL230.6
KHD-Deutz 514 - 613 - 614 - 716 - 816 - 528 - 536 - 540 - 628 - 350 - 358 - 366 - 545 - 640 - 645
Mak 8M32, 6M35, 8M601AK, 6M601AK, 6MU552AK, 9MU551AK, 8M331AK 8MU551AK, 6M551AK, 6M451AK, 6M452, 8M452, 9M453AK, 8M453AK, 6M453AK, 12M282AK, 6M281AK, 6M331AK
Man KSZ52/105CLE, V6V40/54,, V6V40/54A (6,7,8,9,10, 12,14,16 & 18 CYLINDERS), L40/54, L40/54A, (6, 7, 8 CYLINDER) GV30/45, (7, 8 & 9 CYLINDERS), V6V52/55 (6, 7, 8, 9 CYLINDERS), V52/55A (10, 12, 14, 16, 18 CYLINDERS), R6V52/55A, L52/55 (6 & 8 CYLINDER), L52/55A (6 & 8 CYLINDER), L40/54
Man-B&W S42MC,S46MC-C, L50MC, S50MC, S50MC-C, L60MC, S60MC, S60MC-C, L70MC, S70MC, K90MC-C, S50MC, S50MC-C, L60MC, S60MC, S60MC-C, S70MC, S46MC-C, S50MC, S50MC-C, S50MC-C, S60MC, S60MC-C

V23LU, V28L , 28LU ( 12. 16, 18 Cylinders) , 16V23LU, 18V23LU, 12V28L, 16V28L, V, L23/30
Mitsubishi UEC60LA, UEC60LS, UEC60HA, UEC52LA, UEC45LA,
MWM RH500-501, RH510-511, RHS518, D440-441, TRH435, RH345, RH348, 601 - 602 - 603 - 616 - 620 - 645
Pielstick PC2-6V-400 , PC4V-570, PC4-2V-570 , PC2-5V-400, PC2-5L-400 , PC4-2L-570, PC2-2V-400, PA6V280 (10, 12 & 14 CYLINDERS)
Sulzer RTA48T-B, RTA52, RTA52U, RTA58, RTA58T, RTA62, RTA62U, RTA58, RTA62, RTA48/T-B, RTA52, RTA52U, RTA58, RTA62, RTA62U, RND68M, RTA84, RTA72, RTA76, RTA62, RTA58/T-TB, RTA52, RLB90, RLA90, RND90M, RND90, RND76M, ASL25/30, AL25/30, AL20/24, AL20D
Wartsila R32E, R32D, R32E, R32D, R32E, L20, R22 (4, 6 & 8 CYLINDER), 414TS, 424TS, 614TS, 824TS, V32D, V32E, R32D
Yanmar KL, AL, CHL, HTN, G(A)L, HAL, K(F)L, LA(AL), LD(L), M(A)L, M200(A)L, M220(A)L, N165L, N260L, N280L, R(A)L, S165L, S185L, T220(A)L, T240(A)L, T260(L), U(A)L, Z(L), Z280(L)
B.B.C. VTR 150-151, VTR 160-161, VTR 200-201,VTR250-251,VTR320, VTR 354,VTR 400-401,VTR 500-501,VTR 630-631,VTR750.
Mitsubishi MET35, MET45, MET56, MET71, MET350, MET450, MET560.
NAPPIER HP100, HP200, HP300, HP400, 045C, 065C, 085C
Alfa-Laval MAB103, MAB104, MAB204S, MAB205S, MAPX205/7/9/10, MAPX230, MAPX307/9/10. FOPX607, MAB204, MAB205, MAB207 , MAPX204, MAPX205, MAPX207, MOPX210, WHPX409
Mitsubishi SJ700, SJ1000, SJ2000, SJ3000, SJ4000, SJ6000, SJ-10T, SJ-8000
Westfalia OSA20-02-066, OTA14-00, OTA 14/00/066, OSA7-02-066
ALFA LAVAL - NIREX JWP-36-125, JWP-26-C100, JWP-26-C80, JWP-26-C80/100

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